Jun 11 2024

OW2con’24 Press Release

NGI Search Beneficiary Projects Hightlighted at OW2con’24

This year OW2 annual conference showcases NGI Search beneficiary outcomes with demos and discussions in the main Hall community corner, and during a dedicated breakout session.

Paris, 11 June 2024 - OW2, the international community of professional open source software is offering excellent networking opportunities to open source contributors and users, next June 11-12, 2024 at Orange Gardens in Paris-Châtillon.

The 15th edition of OW2con is bringing together developers, companies, academics and non-profit organizations. The conference also welcomes Tunisia as Invited Country and highlights three OW2 projects as Community, Market, and Technology OW2con’24 Best Project Awards. This event is made possible thanks to 12 open source sponsors: NGI Search, NGI Zero Commons Fund, Collabora Online, Huawei, Orange, Worteks, City of Paris,, Xwiki, OnlyOffice, MAIF, and OpenUp. 

During both days, more than 200 international developers have a chance to discuss with several dozens of speakers, partners and members of the community, including NGI Searchers. The central theme of this edition is “Funding Open Source Software and Digital Commons". All participants are able to find out more about the 5th NGI Search open call (June-July 2024) and ongoing NGI Zero Commons Fund EU open calls.

Read the full NGI Search at OW2con'24 Press Release ...

May 29 2024

Open Call #5 Press Alert

NGI Search launches its 5th and Final Open Call for Open Source Developers

The NGI Search project, funded under the European Commission's Horizon Europe programme, aims to support NGI Searchers, who will develop technologies and solutions centred on privacy and trust for end-users searching and discovering information on the Internet. 

OC5_Apply.jpgThe project is part of Next Generation Internet (NGI), the European Commission's "Internet for Humans" initiative, which aims to transform the Internet of tomorrow into an Internet of humans that responds to people's fundamental needs.

With five European partners contributing to the project, NGI Search is launching its fifth and final Open Call for innovative projects, which is expected to be highly competitive. 

Selected applicants will benefit from financial support of up to €150,000 and technical, business, and innovation support over a strict nine months to develop solutions that change how we use and experience, search, and discover data and resources on the Internet and the web. 

The 5th Open Call managed through One Pass, the new Open Call Application Tracking System powered by FundingBox, will be launched on May 29th and will remain open until July 29th, 2024, at 17.00 CEST. 

Note to applicants: you can raise all your doubts and questions in the NGI Search Community or via the project's dedicated email, and project partners will get back to you very soon.

Good luck! Discover how to apply to this Open Call here:

Jun 23 2023

NGI Searcher Stickers

Here are a few examples of stickers designed for NGI beneficiaries according to the following instructions.


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Do not hesitate to contact us if you need assistance for your own sticker


Jun 14 2023

OW2con'23 Press Release

NGI Search Supports Ten European Open Source Search Software

The first ten open source projects, selected after the NGI Search Open Call #1 early 2023,
are now supported by the consortium members and funded by the European Commission.

Paris, 14 June 2023 – OW2, the international community of open source software for information systems and Mirko Presser, professor at Aarhus University (Denmark) and NGI Search coordinator, a cascade funding project showcased at OW2con’23, are proud to support ten open source software projects that may change the way we search, discover and use data and resources in general on the internet and the web.

The first ten winners were selected after two months of evaluation, from among 62 eligible proposals, out of a total of 81 applications received. They have just signed an agreement including a support from the NGI Search project five partners and a funding from the European Commission up to 150,000 € per project.

Read the full NGI Search at OW2con'23 Press Release

Press Review

  1. 2023/06/27 in NGI Search: la Commission européenne finance dix logiciels open source de recherche ...

Apr 22 2023

Feb 14 2023

Open Call #1 Statistics

NGI Search Open Call #1 early figures are grouped in this social card to notify the community and put it on hold while the selection of funded projects is in progress.
Should you need a specific card to be designed, feel free to ask:


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Contact OW2 Management Office

Dec 12 2022

First Open Call External Communication Toolkit


We are fostering all our partners to relay NGI Search Open Call information using the External Communication Toolkit below.
Feel free to download the archive file now, where you will find banners, guides, useful links and instructions for your own campaigns:

Nov 08 2022

NGI Search at OSXP 2022 Press Release

NGI Search supports the development of open source online search tools with funding of up
to €150,000 and ten key services during one year

The design and contextual usages of innovative web search tools are encouraged by the five partners
of the NGI Search project supported by the European Commission.

Paris, 8 November 2022 – OW2, the international community of open source software for information systems showcasing at OSXP 2022 (booth #C16), is proud to support the next tools that can change the way we search, discover and use data and resources in general on the internet and the web. 

Applicants can be entrepreneurs, developers, SMEs, research or academic organisations, non-profit organisations that develop innovative solutions to improve privacy and security for users seeking information and resources on the internet.  Total funding from NGI Search is €6.8 million.

More ...

Oct 25 2022

Open Calls Flyer

This NGI Search 5 Open Calls document is proposed as a SlideDeck for large TVs in English and French below, or as a double-sided flyer. Should you need printed flyers, feel free to ask OW2, including your delivery address. Alternatively, you can download the NGI Search Flyer ready-to-print A5 PDF file.


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Sep 27 2022

Social Cards

NGI Search Social Cards are illustrations designed for the project social media, blog posts, newsletters, alerts or notifications. Should you need a specific card to be designed, feel free to ask:


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Sep 23 2022

NGI Search logos

Font: Montserra (semibold for the logo)
Colors: gradient from Garnet to Red

  • #50002D (RGB: 80,0,45 / CMYK:47%,100%,35%,64% )

  • #E53500 (RGB: 229,53,0 / CMYK:0%,89%,100%,0% )

EU programme:  HORIZON-CL4-2021-HUMAN-01  


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under the grant agreement 101069364 and it is framed under Next Generation Internet Initiative.

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