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Project Name: NGI Search
Next Generation Internet Discovery and Search

Aiguille_Foin_360.jpgKey Dates: September 2022 - August 2025

Project Partners:

  • AARHUS UNIVERSITY (Denmark) has a wide experience in supporting researchers to transfer the results of research into innovative solutions.
  • FUNDINGBOX manages the open calls and cascade funding.
  • LINKNOVATE SCIENCE (Spain) finds and discovers hidden researchers that are out of the traditional channels related with public funding schemes for Research and Innovation.
  • MURCIA UNIVERSITY (Spain) provides technical support to researchers in the domain of data search, offers Open Science advices and links to standardisation bodies. 
  • OW2 (France) offers services to projects such as open source licensing, beta testing campaigns, and visibility among developers and the industry.

Project Coordinator: Mirko Presser, Aarhus University 

Work Packages:

  • Work Package 1: Ecosystem Identification and Activation - Leader: Linknovate
  • Work Package 2: Open Call Management - Leader: FundingBox
  • Work Package 3: Mentoring and Support Programme - Leader: University of Murcia
  • Work Package 4: Dissemination, Communication and Impact - Leader: OW2
  • Work Package 5: Project Management -  Leader: Aarhus University


Aarhus University


Mirko Presser

NGI Search Coordinator

Sarah C Pedersen

Research Support

Kirsten Bøwadt Jacobsen

Project Economist

Anita Krogsøe Skou

Digital Business Developer

Rita Madsen

Research Assistant


Marie Claire Tonna

Project Manager

Maria Paez Guerrero

Digital Marketing Specialist

Nina Doklestic

Project Lead

Elena Japundzic

Project Manager

Linknovate Science

Manuel Noya Marino


Jose Carlos Rodriguez Varela

R&D Project Manager

MURCIA University

Antonio Skarmeta


Aurora Gonzalez Vidal



Pierre-Yves Gibello


Antoine Mottier


Catherine Nuel

Marketing Coordinator

Selvalakshmi Ramagopalan

Administrative Assistant

Olivier Bouzereau

Community Coordinator

Olivier Lizounat


Alban Espie-Guillon

System Administrator

EU programme:  HORIZON-CL4-2021-HUMAN-01  


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under the grant agreement 101069364 and it is framed under Next Generation Internet Initiative.

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