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Dec 06 2023

Open Source eXperience Paris 2023


Event: OSXP Paris
Date: 6-7 Dec. 2023
Place: Paris, Palais des Congrès, Porte Maillot

This is the main annual open source software event in France where a large part of the ecosystem is represented to promote innovation and meet the demands of technical and business users.

OW2 will have a booth there to showcase the NGI Search project, mention the status of the open calls and provide details to potential candidates.
Also, several OW2 open source members will demostrate their latest features on the community stand or on their own booth nearby.

Nov 15 2023

NGI Forum 2023


Dates: 15-16 Nov. 2023
Place: Brussels, Belgium
NGI Forum 23 website:

Paving the Way to a Trustworthy Internet of Humans

NGI Forum 2023 will bring together a wide range of researchers, innovators, industry representatives, policymakers, and users to discuss and reflect on the latest topics relating to ensuring an open, inclusive, trustworthy, and sustainable internet.

Discover cutting-edge technologies, exchange ideas, and collaborate with experts across several domains, such as trust and data sovereignty, digital commons, electronic identities, open source and open hardware, web 4.0, ActivityPub, metaverse and virtual worlds, distributed ledgers, etc. The event will feature keynote speeches, panel discussions, innovators’ presentations and pitches, technical workshops, policy debates, and networking sessions.

Save the date and stay tuned for updates including the NGI Forum 2023 Agenda.

Sep 28 2023

SFSCon 2023, November 10-11, Bolzano, Italy

Dates : November 10-11, 2023
Venue: Bolzano, Italy

Two NGI Searchers (projects beneficiaries from NGI Search) will join the open source conference SFScon in Bolzano and present their innovative solutions for searching information on the internet. ...

Sep 13 2023

Open Call #3 First Webinar


Date: September 13, 2023, from 15:00 to 16:00.
Topic: Open Call Webinar OC3.1
Venue: Online

In this webinar, you will discover the list of topics for this third Open Call, its scope, and ten services offered to beneficiairies. Join us and discover how, when and where to apply in order to receive up to €150,000 along with business and technical support during up to 12 months.
Ready to become an NGI Searcher? Attend this webinar presented by Mirko Presser, NGI Search Project lead.

NGI Search Open Call #3 Webinar 1 REPLAY


Aug 09 2023

Academy of Management Annual Meeting


Dates: August 4-8, 2023

Venue: Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Academy of Management is a leading professional association of scholars dedicated to creating and disseminating knowledge about management and organizations. The Annual Meeting is the world's premier event for scholarly engagement, and the largest gathering of management and organization scholars in the world with over 10.000 attendees this year. 

The NGI initiative and specifically NGI Search was presented during the Academy of Management annual conference. The NGI initiative was presented during one of the workshops organized there by Madalina Pop and Leonhard Dobusch – Unconferencing SAP. The aim of the presentation was to get feedback and input on setting up a research project on the organizing practices of the NGI Search beneficiaries. The project was received with interest and the audience offered a number of ideas of potential interesting research topics for the context that could help policy makers to further empower and help organize these communities.

Jun 15 2023

NGI Search at OW2con'23


Date: 14-15 June 2023
Conference: OW2 Annual Conference
Place: Paris Châtillon, Orange Gardens
Number of attendees: 175 

Mirko Presser, professor at Aarhus University and NGI Search coordinator, fosters OW2con'23 attendees to study the third open call to be open from 1 August to 2 October 2023. He gives key insights to open source designers and details about the first two open calls topics and beneficiaries including OpenFoodFacts, also present at the conference. 

Associate documents and photos ...

Jun 14 2023

OW2con'23 Press Release

NGI Search Supports Ten European Open Source Search Software

The first ten open source projects, selected after the NGI Search Open Call #1 early 2023,
are now supported by the consortium members and funded by the European Commission.

Paris, 14 June 2023 – OW2, the international community of open source software for information systems and Mirko Presser, professor at Aarhus University (Denmark) and NGI Search coordinator, a cascade funding project showcased at OW2con’23, are proud to support ten open source software projects that may change the way we search, discover and use data and resources in general on the internet and the web.

The first ten winners were selected after two months of evaluation, from among 62 eligible proposals, out of a total of 81 applications received. They have just signed an agreement including a support from the NGI Search project five partners and a funding from the European Commission up to 150,000 € per project.

Read the full NGI Search at OW2con'23 Press Release

Press Review

  1. 2023/06/27 in NGI Search: la Commission européenne finance dix logiciels open source de recherche ...

Jun 07 2023

Open Call #3 at AIOTI 2023


Date: 7 June 2023
Workshop: AIOTI/LEADS Tech Adoption Scenarios for Cloud and IoT 2030
Time: 3:00PM-5:00PM
Place: Online
Number of attendees: 85 

Marie Claire Tonna, Senior Project Manager & NGI Lead at FundingBox presents the Open Call #3 of NGI Search project during this remote workshop.

The LEADS framework is based on the tech adoption predictions for tech areas of Cloud, IoT, BI/Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, and Quantum. The project has developed key predictions for market adoption of over 80 tech groupings to 2030 and is now seeking to work together with the leading representatives from the AI and Data communities to collaboratively develop forecast scenarios.

The goal of this workshop is to engage with tech development experts to be able to co-create market development scenarios and share insights and market data for key adoption metrics. ...

May 25 2023

Cascade Funding EU Opportunities in Bolzano


Date: 25 May 2023
Time: 9:00AM-12:00AM
Place: NOI Techpark, Via Volta 13/A, 39100 Bolzano – Italia

Jorge García, Marketing Specialist at FundingBox is representing the NGI Search project during this morning.

Agenda and Photos ...

May 18 2023

Open Expo Europe in Madrid


Date: May 18, 2023, from 9:00 to 21:00.
Venue: La Nave 5 Calle Cifuentes, 28021 Madrid Spain

NGI Search will be showcased at Open Expo Europe on May 18th in Madrid on the OW2 booth.
In addition to NGI Search, OW2 will also co-present with Bitergia team the open source Good Governance Initiative from OSPO Alliance. ...

EU programme:  HORIZON-CL4-2021-HUMAN-01  


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under the grant agreement 101069364 and it is framed under Next Generation Internet Initiative.

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